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All Africa Youth Congress

Accra, Ghana

Theme: “Africa My Home My Future”

Objectives Of The Theological Reflection & 11th General Assembly

Africa MyHome MyFuture is a continental campaign focusing on Youth and African Patriotism. The campaign aims to inspire young people to contribute their talents towards building a thriving continent.
The campaign aims at creating a generational movement made up of young people living in and outside the continent, who are patriotic, have passion for Africa. A movement that will steer conversations amongst the young people of Africa, on various issues that are affecting them.

The African continent is a host to a large population of young people. Estimates say that by the year 2050 the current youth population will be double what it is today. Young people are the leaders of today, who need to take up the challenge in making Africa a great continent.



The AACC will host the first biannual youth congress in 2020. The youth congress is expected to happen on dates between September-November 2020. This gives ample time to find a conducive venue and to mobilize the participants

Young Africans aged 35 and below, living in and out of the continent will be the target group of participants. The youth will be from all the countries in Africa, Churches, Faith Groups and youth focused organizations. The target number of participants is 5000 young people

The Core Focus

  1. African Patriotism, Culture and History of Africa
  2. Democracy and Governance
  3. Youth inclusion and participation
  4. Youth employment and innovation
  5. Ending corruption in Africa

Emergency Contacts

For any inquiries or assistance, please feel free to contact the following:

Collins Shava : +254 714471699
Christine Onyango: +254 720762426/ +254 733705177
Geoffrey Alemba: +254 722353626

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