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1st to 7th July 2018 - Kigali, Rwanda

Theme: “Respecting the Dignity and God’s image in every human being”

Objectives Of The Theological Reflection & 11th General Assembly

The broad objectives of the upcoming AACC 11th General Assembly in 2018 are:

  • To give exposure to all member bodies about the value of human dignity as God’s Image,
  • To prepare the leadership of the African church for years to come,
  • To cross and break boundaries on both ethnic and denominational divide, build the Pan African vision among all people of Africa, give new theological insights and encourage delegates to reflect creatively on the African burning issues.

The AACC 2018 11th General Assembly will attract over 800 participants across the African continent including the international partner organisations.
Among the invited guests, there will be over 100 young theologians who will come a week earlier to reflect on the theme and sub-themes in preparation for the 11th General Assembly.

There will be seasoned theologians to mentor these young theologians and written reflection on the theme will be encouraged.
We are anticipating to publish books regarding the theme and sub-themes which can be used in our theological seminaries, colleges and churches across the continent.

The Core Focus

  1. Dignity and God’s Image in every human being
  2. Dignity and Christ’s Presence in transforming the world
  3. Dignity and God’s Spirit in the whole of creation
  4. Dignity and God’s Vision for the Future of African Ecumenism.

Emergency Contacts

For any inquiries or assistance, please feel free to contact the following:

Anysie Uwimana : +250 788 821 105
Christine Onyango: +254 720762426/ +254 733705177
Geoffrey Alemba: +254 722353626
Gloria Marie Murekatete: +250 788 830 034

Contact Information

11th Assembly Coordinator
All Africa Conference of Churches,
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Fax: +254 20 4443241
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